Конференция для разработчиков мобильных приложений

4 июня 2016, Санкт-Петербург, Гостиница «Park Inn by Radisson Пулковская», площадь Победы, 1

Material Design in practice

A lot of applications are awfully designed. Their developers are ashamed and unhappy as their users are. Why do they worry? They let users uninstall applications, they let business fail, they let other developers change their job for a better one. It’s time to stop that. Using Material Design we are able to save ourselves by creating a beautiful, responsive and live application. We are going to talk about Material Design and the way you implement it, getting our hands dirty with a lot of code. We are considering

  • General approach
  • Activity transitions
  • Natural motions are done with animators
  • Ripples and shadows

(Note: this talk will be in English)

Владимир Иванов      , Аполлофон

Руковожу разработкой мобильных приложений в компании Аполлофон, а также более 6 лет пишу приложения под Android (и не только). Из портфолио — трудился ведущим разработчиком Kaspersky Safe Browser for Windows Phone и Fonum (Google Play)

Wiebe Elsinga      , Google Developer Expert for Android / Egeniq

Besides being a Google Developer Expert for Android, Wiebe Elsinga is a Lead Developer at Egeniq in the Netherlands. He has a passion for UX and design. He regularly speaks at Mobile Developer conferences or is giving workshops. And let’s not forget who is a co-founder/organizer of the GDG Dutch Android User Group.

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